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Consider this before you switch to an Outlook Shared Inbox

While it might sound great having multiple people monitor one email address rather than have 5 people get the same email in a “reply all” campaign; I’m here to caution you that it may not be that simple using outlook exchange. A company I worked for made this move over a year ago without fulling understanding Read more about Consider this before you switch to an Outlook Shared Inbox[…]

business card organizer

Business Card Organizer

Business cards continue to be the easiest way to get the most information about you and/or your business directly in the hands of customers, colleagues, and the general public. While consumers covet their e-mail addresses from spammers and unwanted correspondence they are much more accepting of taking a card so they can make contact on their Read more about Business Card Organizer[…]

stability is driven by connections

Stability is Driven by Connections

I don’t believe it to be true that the stability of traditional employment is a myth. There are hundreds and thousands of companies that have thrived for over fifty years and many more that will continue to do so. What I would like to iterate is that traditional employment is stable…until it’s not. This changes the Read more about Stability is Driven by Connections[…]