June 27, 2017

Document Management


Too often business owners let their documents slip by the wayside, losing statements, receipts, and bills for days or even weeks, though keeping a paper trail is one of the top functions in your business. Make a plan to efficiently collect and file your documents.


And with policies changing every day, you need a simple and cost effective solution to manage your documents. Not only will your accountant appreciate it, you will also have organization in your business. Now is the time to outsource your document management.


  • Your documents all in one place. Categorized by bank, vendor, receipt type, and more.
  • Easily upload documents from your email, phone, or direct from the institution automatically.
  • You control the level of access to your account.


I offer 2 levels of Document Management with HubDoc or Receipt Bank:

Document Organization – Sort and re-organize your inbox. Set up folders and categories to create a new workflow for optimal success.

For clients that would like to get their documents under control and get current. Includes organizational strategy and recommendations for your industry and business.


Set-up & Training – Set up document retrieval system and put it on autopilot. I teach you how to manage the documents specific to your business.

For clients that would like to learn how to keep their documents organized and implement themselves, in house. Put your documents on autopilot.


Determine how much time in your day is devoted to sorting, scanning, and filing your documents. Then take action.