August 13, 2017

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Quickbooks Online is the #1 cloud accounting software. It has so many features, many of us don’t know where to start.

Have you tried Quickbooks Online, only to find that you couldn’t figure it out?

This course shows you the 10 basic functions you need to know in Quickbooks Online (QBO) in order to run your business.

Sure there are features galore that are going to make your invoicing and accounting soar but all you need right now is to START. And Quick-Start Quickbooks Online will get you there.

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Our popular course 10 Steps to Quick-Start Quickbooks comes to a venue near you. Bring your Computer.

We get your Quickbooks Online (QBO) program up and running together. And you have the opportunity to ask real business questions to our expert.

Create an Item ∙ Create a Customer ∙ Create & Send an Invoice ∙ Receive Payments ∙ Create a Vendor ∙ Enter Expenses ∙ Enter Bills ∙ Pay Bills ∙ Write & Print Checks ∙ Reconcile Accounts

Workshop is Limited to 10 Attendees.

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Saturday October 14, 2017

Have you tried Quickbooks Online? Wonder if it’s right for your business?

This Seminar highlights:

  • Why Bookkeeping is Important
  • Knowing Your Numbers
  • What Good Bookkeeping says about your Business
  • Tools to Automate your Bookkeeping


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