stability is driven by connections

Stability is Driven by Connections

I don’t believe it to be true that the stability of traditional employment is a myth. There are hundreds and thousands of companies that have thrived for over fifty years and many more that will continue to do so. What I would like to iterate is that traditional employment is stable…until it’s not. This changes the Read more about Stability is Driven by Connections[…]

failure, entrepreneur, process

Failure is Part of the Process

Professionals don’t play for today, they play for the long run -Seth Godin Click To Tweet As entrepreneurs we are not going to hit it out of the park the first time.We may not meet with our definition of success the second time. But most importantly we have to remember that failure is part of Read more about Failure is Part of the Process[…]

career path not a straight line

The Career Path is Not a Straight Line

It was ingrained in some of us to choose a career path as soon as possible. Find a company, stick with them, work your way up, and retire. Many entrepreneurs challenge that thinking in today’s world economy. Yes. World economy. Just because you don’t buy anything from china or don’t intend to have anything to Read more about The Career Path is Not a Straight Line[…]

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Pay Yourself First Expanded

Pay yourself first is not a new concept. Traditionally it refers to putting your finances on auto-pilot to facilitate emergency savings and retirement, or savings goals. I think we should expand on this concept to include looking forward and investing in ourselves, taking advantages of available resources today, and laying a marketable foundation for the future. Invest in Read more about Pay Yourself First Expanded[…]