Skills Create Opportunity

Never stop learning.

The daily grind is real.

Often it is hard to find extra time or energy in the day to day to commit to personal growth. This does not suggest you have to go out and find a new hobby or learn something completely out of your comfort zone. This can be or fun or professional. Ideally you could find something that encompasses both. 

Take it a step further

Don’t get complacent in your career whether it is entrepreneurial or traditional. And if you are looking for a change, then study that. On the web there is a wealth of free information about health, finances, career changes, and every aspects in between.

If you are curious about a particular field then get familiar with that industry and then see what you can do to get some on-hands training. This may be a class at your local community college of community arts center. In my area they have business and personal development classes taught by professionals that cost less than $100.

skills create opportunityWhen the downturn in the economy hit and my job re-located, a Quickbooks class that I had taken on the fly helped me land a new job in less than a month. That $69 dollar investment paid back in dividends. 

If there is a resource, skill, or system/program you wish was on your resume then get it on there. It will give you that core knowledge as well as put you in a better place for your goals.

Think about volunteering or helping a non-profit part-time. You will find out pretty quickly whether you will like that particular field you had been thinking about or if you’re going to be running for the hills and choose another. 

What have you done to get hands on knowledge to broaden your skills? Free or Paid.

I wish someone had pulled me aside years ago and relayed a couple of messages.