Need Ideas for Holiday Gifts?

Take a virtual shopping trip.

save, holiday, shopping hackThis is not what it sounds like. I am not suggesting you spend hours online looking for gifts for family and friends. Most of us on a debt fee or debt control journey choose to stay away from the places we spend most.

Instead, get dressed, put your walking shoes on, and leave your wallet at home. Find your go to shopping center or mall. Arm yourself with a fully charged cellphone and the Amazon app.

If you are like me, shopping is not about actually buying. It’s about the adventure. Giving a gift is not just about making a purchase. It’s about thoughtfulness and thanks.

As you walk the mall you will feel euphoria. Immersed in the land of silver and gold. Raindrops on roses and all of that. (At least that’s how I feel) This experience will heighten all of your senses and you can then visualize more gifts and which person on your list would appreciate them. You will be able to associate a scarf with your cousin that loves this color or the vase that would look great on your parents dining room table.

Now remember this is virtual shopping in real time. After you’ve browsed the first couple of stores, sit down with your first three ideas and search the phrase for the exact items you found on amazon. Chances are pretty high that you can find a similar scarf with the colors you are looking for at a much cheaper price. Additionally, if you weren’t looking at clothes but electronics, toys, or perfumes then you will likely find the exact items your searching for.

Save these items on your wish list and keep moving. If you are worried about splurging on your list items, don’t. This is the reason you left the wallet at home. You can feel secure knowing you are going to make the purchases eventually and not miss out. Amazon will tell you when stock is low. Plus delaying those purchases adds another layer of frugality against an impulsive buy.

This method should give you an abundance of ideas and a pretty good list to narrow down as needed. You will also be able to budget for these purchases and not go on a shopping spree (or binge as I like to call them). Not to mention a little bit of exercise.

What are the tricks you use to get gift ideas for the Holidays?