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Canned Responses using Gmail

If you looking for the equivalent of Outlooks signature feature in Gmail, then look no further. In Outlook, you can save not only a signature with pictures and links, but you could save the bulk of an automatic response to be customized to a recipient later. This works great with thank you emails to customers Read more about Canned Responses using Gmail[…]

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Business Card Organizer

Business cards continue to be the easiest way to get the most information about you and/or your business directly in the hands of customers, colleagues, and the general public. While consumers covet their e-mail addresses from spammers and unwanted correspondence they are much more accepting of taking a card so they can make contact on their Read more about Business Card Organizer[…]

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Need Ideas for Holiday Gifts?

Take a virtual shopping trip. This is not what it sounds like. I am not suggesting you spend hours online looking for gifts for family and friends. Most of us on a debt fee or debt control journey choose to stay away from the places we spend most. Instead, get dressed, put your walking shoes Read more about Need Ideas for Holiday Gifts?[…]