Canned Responses using Gmail

If you looking for the equivalent of Outlooks signature feature in Gmail, then look no further.

In Outlook, you can save not only a signature with pictures and links, but you could save the bulk of an automatic response to be customized to a recipient later. This works great with thank you emails to customers and clients as well as sending invoices, notifications, and review requests.maryland virtual assistant

In order to access the canned responses in Gmail you need to turn on the function. It’s located in the gear icon (settings) under the lab tab. Look for the description, “Email for the truly lazy.” I like to think of it as a savvy time saver that boosts customer service and preempts creating a mail campaign for less than 20 emails.

Once the lab is enabled, you compose a new message and find canned responses under the more options arrow. There you can save and edit any standard message you send frequently or want to send for a specific need; such as asking a happy customer to post a review on a preferred social network.