The Career Path is Not a Straight Line

career path not a straight lineIt was ingrained in some of us to choose a career path as soon as possible. Find a company, stick with them, work your way up, and retire.

Many entrepreneurs challenge that thinking in today’s world economy. Yes. World economy. Just because you don’t buy anything from china or don’t intend to have anything to do with Russia in your personal life doesn’t mean that we aren’t all connected through our global banking services, e-commerce, trade, etcetera. 

Because of this, the career path should no longer be viewed as a straight line. It should twist and bend and overlap when possible.

The more flexibility we give to our careers the higher the mountain we can climb. 

Much of my own education and years of on the job experience has revolved around logistics management, glass manufacturing, office management, and executive support.

To my benefit, this means I can compete for jobs in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and support VP’s of these companies with more skill and competency than my counterparts. Plus the scheduling, planning, forecasting, and base skill set from these positions can be applied to my freelance business as well. I view my skills as applicable to a wide range of occupations. Furthermore, as I have applied these skills, I can support businesses virtually and locally. 

We all have skills that come naturally from basic interest that can extrapolate into meaningful employment. In your quest to work toward the life you want, what jobs have you held and how can you present your skills to the masses.

Meaningful Employment: The career you want, not the job that was available.

We should be learning more everyday to see how we can change our career paths. Even if it leads you into the vast crazy land of entrepreneurship and a fail.

The skills will remain. We can always go back to the JOB.  

I wish someone had pulled me aside years ago and relayed a couple of messages.