Stability is Driven by Connections

stable job connectionsI don’t believe it to be true that the stability of traditional employment is a myth. There are hundreds and thousands of companies that have thrived for over fifty years and many more that will continue to do so. What I would like to iterate is that traditional employment is stable…until it’s not. This changes the conversation from being anti-traditional employment to being prepared in the event of change and being open to making other opportunities for yourself before the need arises.

If you have found a great employer then good for you. Many of them are. The instability of entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But when the first plan fails or you have a change of heart what will the back-up plan be?

The ability to find a new job or make a career changes is not solely based on skills. Connections are almost just as important. People love community. So a glowing recommendation from a mutual contact will be more beneficial to you than a glowing resume and stellar references. Connections enhance your chances for success. 

Have contacts in your community, your current business, or where ever you choose to gather with other people face to face or online. I may write an article about every high school graduate or GED having a business card for general use. I think we forget to see ourselves as the product in the market place.

Have you ever had someone make a comment on your excellent work ethic? A project that couldn’t have gone smoother without you? Say, “If you ever leave that company give me a call.”

Hold on to the opportunities your hard work has revealed. You made a lasting impression that may be a segue to new and better opportunities. At the minimum you have a glowing recommendation.

Stay in contact with co-workers and mangers beyond the day to day and be available to others as you would like them to be available to you. This is what creates true community.

Do you have a favorite quote about a missed opportunity?

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