May 26, 2016

Email Management


Too often business owners let Email slip by the wayside, not responding to inquiries for days or even weeks, though email communication is one of the top functions in your business. Make a plan to handle fluctuations in your schedule.


In business, the first impression is a lasting one. Clients that see you are responsive, interested in their business, and accessible will choose your service and pay more for the convenience of great customer service. Now is the time to outsource your inbox.


  • You set the rules
  • Your control access to your account and you don’t need to divulge passwords
  • You determine the level of response and frequency


I offer 3 levels of Email Management:

Email Organization – Clean out, sort and re-organize your inbox. Set up folders or categories to create a new workflow for optimal success.

For clients that would like to get the inbox under control and get current. Includes organizational strategy and recommendations for your industry and business.


Email On Demand – Manage inboxes for vacations, unplanned events, product launches, or any increase in demand for information.

For clients that anticipate not being able to respond in a timely manner. Put your inbox on autopilot.


Email Management / Filtering – Monitor all incoming mail, sort, and reply with the professionalism and the competency your brand is known for.

I handle all aspects of correspondence for your inbox so you can focus on building your business. I notify you of any actionable items and report as agreed upon.


Determine how much time in your day is devoted to reading, sorting, and answering Email. Then take action.