Create a Strong Password You Can Remember

This may be the most important Savvy Admin function you need to review and change immediately.  

create strong passwordIn this era of clouds and online access there are so many usernames and passwords we need for everyday life that can cause unwanted stress and headache. I had considered creating a universal password for all of my accounts.

The problem with this approach is a data breach. No one is immune. If hackers get your password for one site, they would have it for all.

I recommend developing a holistic approach to passwords.

A strong password is:

  • At least 8-12 characters. The longer the better.
  • A healthy mix of random numbers and symbols

A strong password is not:

  • Sequential phrases or numbers.
  • Phrases or words found in the dictionary. Even if they are in random order.

Typically passwords need to be at least 8 characters with at least a lower case letter, number, and symbol. Integrate these with your password even if for some sites it’s not required.

Create a variation of a password that is easily customized.

Think of a phrase from your favorite movie and adapt symbols and numbers into it.

  • “This is Sparta” from Gladiator.
  • The password: TIS#fglad1mov

Take your business name and mix it up.

  • I love the savvy admin
  • The password: 1L0ve#tsa (A little too much, I know)

The point is have fun with the password. Otherwise, how will you remember it.

And for added security:

If you do want to do a little more protection from those data breaches just add initials on the end for the site your accessing. 

  • TIS#fglad1movan for Amazon
  • TIS#fglad1movtn for Thesavvyadmin
  • 1L0ve#tsaca for Canva (You get the picture)

Do you have any tricks for creating a more secure password?