Freelance Office Assistant: Small Business’ Secret Weapon

The Freelance Economy is in full swing. Is your business taking advantage?

Office AssistantThe secret to any business’ success are the people you choose to drive your goals, execute on your behalf, and ultimately grind to make your business successful. Small businesses are finding that their short term needs are better served by independent workers.

The freelance workforce is nearly 54 million americans. That is 34% of the workforce and this number is expected to rise to 50% by 2020. What does that mean for your business?

  • Think flexibility for your business and the business you contract.
  • Think controlled variable cost versus fixed.
  • Think quality professional service and a great working relationship.
  • Think keeping your sensitive information, like financials, in-house.


As a small business with 30-50 employees everyone has a job and if you plan correctly there isn’t a lot of flexibility in their schedules. When an employee goes on vacation the collective department scrambles to cover that person’s tasks. Or you look to temporary staffing that is not exactly what you are looking for but anything will help.

The local freelance admin is a resource that shouldn’t be overlooked. They are available with short notice and can handle multiple tasks in your office.

Controlled Variable cost.

In a small business where there isn’t always room in the budget for extra expenses, the freelance office admin is a perfect match. Once you find your preferred admin you will be able to schedule, tackle, and complete your projects without the usual hassle of finding professional services. Instead, your office admin is on demand.

Quality Professional Service.

The biggest draw for business is the professionalism and quality that isn’t commonplace in an hourly or salaried position. Freelancers Hustle. They compete for your business and come to work with a can-do-attitude. Your business’ success on any given project and customer satisfaction is in direct relation to their livelihood. They go above and beyond and don’t take assignments for granted.

Keep the sensitive information in-house.

Many business owners are hesitant because of security. If you are not comfortable with sending your financials to a virtual assistant or someone you’ve only interviewed on the phone, don’t worry. The biggest draw for your Local Admin is connection. You can meet them in person and get a real time feel for their enthusiasm, work ethic, and overall fit into your company goals.

Don’t sit on the sidelines wondering how your competitors are running their business. Take charge and get your own business moving forward without the fixed expenses.