Strategies to Confirm and Communicate with your Customers

Service.. Service.. Service

If your in the service industry, free estimates are a big part of your business. Your potential customers are often shopping prices and collecting information on their project and how you can help them. As an estimator, your time is valuable and a missed appointment or no show on the providers or customers part is counter productive.

If your appointments are made online or through a third party company, you want to make contact with that customer with the contact information they provide; preferably the phone number that was given.

At that time you can introduce yourself and give them expectations of your appointment. If you require their presence at your appointment then let them know. If you need access to a particular area for a better quote then tell them that as well. Customers that understand your expectations are easier to correspond with, and once they hear you have a plan, they are often put at ease.

Once you get the sale there should be more communication detailing when the work will be done and what they can expect for the next step of the process.


Hopefully you impress the customer from the beginning and get the sale on the spot. If not, you want to stay in your prospective customers mind so that when they are ready, they remember your professionalism and want to hire you.

Ways to keep in Contact with Customers

  • Phone Call. A simple phone call a couple days following your quote thanking the customer for meeting with you to see if there is anything they still have questions about.
  • Send Out Cards. A thank you card with an optional gift is the perfect way to one up your competition and stay front of mind with your customers. Also, good treats are memorable.
  • Email or Text. The simpler the communication the better. An email to follow up reaches your customer, invites them to respond, and puts your information directly into their inbox for future reference. In a text the correspondence will be short and to the point. You will be that much closer to being saved in their contact list.

How to add communication to your processes and procedures.

  • Create a Routine. Though customer communication may seem time consuming, it’s money left on the table if you just let them forget about the awesome service you provide that will solve their problem. Put confirmation and follow-up in your process so that it becomes routine.
  • Delegate. A virtual assistant or office assistant can help this process without a lot of formal training. Use a simple script and create an easy to follow system.

Once you’ve decided to make customer communication a priority, you can track your progress to determine which strategy your customers respond to the most.