Strategies to Confirm and Communicate with your Customers

Service.. Service.. Service If your in the service industry, free estimates are a big part of your business. Your potential customers are often shopping prices and collecting information on their project and how you can help them. As an estimator, your time is valuable and a missed appointment or no show on the providers or customers Read more about Strategies to Confirm and Communicate with your Customers[…]

Make a Plan that Matters to your Business

Have you ever heard of Cosmolex or Clio? I hadn’t either until I had the privilege of sitting in with a client to decide which product was best for their business. Cosmolex and Clio are an all inclusive software packages used by lawyers to manage their practices. They deal with client matters, retainers, billing, accepting payments and a Read more about Make a Plan that Matters to your Business[…]

self publishing

Accounting for Self Published Authors

The first thing authors in general are looking for is value and savings. Self-published authors and freelance writers just beginning their careers need efficient and time saving tools. When you make the decision to go into business and make an income from your writing, this is the time to think about accounting for your business. Inevitably the first Read more about Accounting for Self Published Authors[…]

wave accounting, savvy admin

Wave Accounting for the Small Business

Accounting always matters to businesses regardless of size or stature. It is important to have a great foundation for your business’ financial health as well as insight into your income sources and expenses. Quickbooks is a great accounting tool; however business owners on a budget may not be able to start with one of the pack Read more about Wave Accounting for the Small Business[…]

quickbooks equity before you begin

Three Steps to Set up Equity Accounts in Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a powerful accounting tool used by millions of businesses small and large. It simplifies the accounts payable and receivable process, but if you are just getting started with a new file Quickbooks Equity Accounts are not all that self explanatory. It is always advisable to speak to an accountant when setting up your Read more about Three Steps to Set up Equity Accounts in Quickbooks[…]

quickbooks set up equity

Quickbooks Equity Accounts for a Sole Proprietor

Owner Capital, Contributions, and Draws Equity accounts keep track of the owner’s interest in the business. When an owner puts money in the business it is a contribution. When she takes money out it is a draw. These entries are sometimes recorded as income and expenses incorrectly. Quickbooks will create different types of Equity Accounts for Read more about Quickbooks Equity Accounts for a Sole Proprietor[…]

Office Assistant

Freelance Office Assistant: Small Business’ Secret Weapon

The Freelance Economy is in full swing. Is your business taking advantage? The secret to any business’ success are the people you choose to drive your goals, execute on your behalf, and ultimately grind to make your business successful. Small businesses are finding that their short term needs are better served by independent workers. The Read more about Freelance Office Assistant: Small Business’ Secret Weapon[…]

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Consider this before you switch to an Outlook Shared Inbox

While it might sound great having multiple people monitor one email address rather than have 5 people get the same email in a “reply all” campaign; I’m here to caution you that it may not be that simple using outlook exchange. A company I worked for made this move over a year ago without fulling understanding Read more about Consider this before you switch to an Outlook Shared Inbox[…]

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Business Card Organizer

Business cards continue to be the easiest way to get the most information about you and/or your business directly in the hands of customers, colleagues, and the general public. While consumers covet their e-mail addresses from spammers and unwanted correspondence they are much more accepting of taking a card so they can make contact on their Read more about Business Card Organizer[…]

stability is driven by connections

Stability is Driven by Connections

I don’t believe it to be true that the stability of traditional employment is a myth. There are hundreds and thousands of companies that have thrived for over fifty years and many more that will continue to do so. What I would like to iterate is that traditional employment is stable…until it’s not. This changes the Read more about Stability is Driven by Connections[…]